Andis Clippers

Tired of razors, waxing, and scissors? Try out Andis Clippers!

Andis Clippers are are specific brand of cutting and tapering personal grooming clippers manufactured by the Andis company.  They are top-quality clippers generally designed for all-around use, and are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials.

All models of Andis Clippers are built to last a lifetime.  They feature high-speed motor units that run quietly and efficiently, and are designed to stay cool while offering effective heavy-duty cutting.  Construction is model specific, but most feature a lightweight aluminum housing that it virtually indestructible and is built to withstand almost any punishment imaginable.

Andis Clippers feature an aluminum housing in order to be light and tough.  They will stand up to many, many years of wear and tear, and are resistant to tarnishing or staining.  Because the housing is constructed of aluminum, they are very light and easy to manage.  Any Andis clipper model will stand up to some serious punishment, and keep on working like the day it was new.

Controls for Andis Clippers are mounted in easy to manage, ergonomic locations.  They are placed far enough out of the way to avoid accidentally tripping them, but are conveniently located so they can be actuated using a single hand.  The controls are simple and easy to master, even if you are new to using an electric clipper system.

The Clippers are powered by magnetic electronic motors that oscillate at 14,000 cuts per minute.  This allows Andis Clippers to provide smooth, close, and complete cuts on the first pass without missing hairs.  It also makes Andis Clippers safer to use, because accidental cuts are much easier to avoid.  The motor is powered by a standard cord using a power outlet, or batteries, depending on model.

Andis Clippers are designed, built, and distributed in the united states.  You can rest assured that when purchasing any Andis products, you are buying American, and keeping jobs and revenue within our own shores.